A New Model of Science and Technology in Society is Evolving

The strategy document  takes into consideration  the deepening interaction between society, innovation and competitiveness. The globalisation of markets, the increase of strategic alliances and the growing internationalisation of industrial firms and of university research teams, the emergence of new countries able to compete in the area of technology, and an increased overlap between science and technology cannot be ignored. Against a background like this the strategy emphasises  the need to maximise the interplay between the national programmes, and the EU Framework programmes  as a prerequisite of survival. The importance in prioritising international links with chosen partner countries and policy procedures to facilitate these international linkages is mentioned and the  importance to an Austrian  researcher to be in a position to benchmark himself/herself with the best.

No European country has any longer the resources to be at the forefront  of every branch of science/technology and there are many branches in which no individual country has the critical mass of researchers to sustain front rank research so this can only be achieved by encouraging collaboration across frontiers and giving stronger links in terms of technology related trade activities. Austria has participated successfully in ERANET and this collaboration should be recognised in the overall future strategies.

Collaboration with countries  other than EU should be knitted into the system as a new model of science and technology in society is strengthening. Work with the non EU countries should be supported especially as many of these countries (China,Japan,India) favour research in the context of application.